Treat your IP more like a VIP.

Finding the right team to build proprietary ideas can be stressful, especially when forced to choose between price and quality.

Entrust 8 Penny Labs to oversee development work affordably and transparently, with laser focus on your business goals.

On your behalf we partner with Metacube, a leading development company with expertise in web, mobile, CRM, UI/UX, QA, QA automation, and more. This long-standing relationship benefits you in two ways:


You unlock access to 1,300+ engineers with distinct skills that evolve at the pace of today’s advancing technologies.


8 Penny Labs stays intimately connected to all phases of work, ensuring excellence, continuity, and value.

We’re in this together, but it’s all about you.


At 8 Penny Labs, “agile” is an attitude rather than a buzzword. Bridging technical demands and customer expectations at every turn ensures progress remains rooted in your desired business outcomes.

What clients are saying

“I have been shocked by the development team’s openness… and they’re wicked fast!”

- Business Analyst, Manufacturing Company


“8 Penny’s development resources feel like we’re hiring our own people.”

- IT Director, Construction Industry


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