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8 Penny Labs applies extensive software development and operations consulting experience through the lens of your business.

Here’s what to expect when we work together:

Strategic Roadmap Creation

Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll quite literally create the map to get you there. Collaborative workshops uncover the context behind your goals as well as your obstacles. From here, your insights inform a focused, high-level transformation roadmap with defined cost estimates for each phase of work.

Strategic Roadmap Coaching & Execution

Realizing your vision requires an intimate understanding of your strategy and a whole lot of agility. Change management is baked into our process, because we know that tactics evolve in any meaningful transformation effort. To ensure alignment throughout the engagement, we offer:

  • Daily interaction with development and business teams
  • Web-enabled tools to make it easy to produce and manage your strategic roadmap
  • Ongoing meetings with executive and operations leadership
Agile Development Team Deployment

Whether you’re activating your 8 Penny Labs roadmap or looking to augment an existing development team, we can secure and manage vetted offshore technical talent on your behalf.

What clients are saying

“8 Penny Labs blew us away.

Less money. Less time. Better outcome.”

- Project Manager, Construction Industry


“Our sights are set really high. Working with Jim gives me confidence that we can achieve our vision.”

- Chief Operating Officer, Manufacturing Company


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